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1.  Om Namah Shivaya, Traditional Hindu Invocation
     Arr.  Marianne and Randall Sutin
This was inspired by Marianne's yoga practice. Om Namah Shivaya is an invocation commonly sung by students and
      teachers as part of their yoga practice. 
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2.  Sunrise,  Randall Sutin, 2006 
A musical impression of the feeling of the sun rising over the mountains across a lake in the morning.
      Inspired by Randy's job as a teenager, delivering newspapers in a town on Lake Champlain, where the
      sun came up over the Green Mountains of Vermont each morning.
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3. Omega Beach,  Randall Sutin, 2006 
This piece was inspired by the morning tai chi classes at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY.  The
     instructor, Jose Figueroa, left a deep impression with us of Asian culture blended with Latin culture. He
     explained to us that he had also studied Flamenco dancing.  The 3/4 section at the end is a depiction of
     sparks of energy that were flying around the beach as the group practiced.
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4. Shema,  Traditional Hebrew Prayer   
    Arr. Marianne and Randall Sutin
A new way to hear an old melody.  A little homage here to the fact that many Jews were, in fact, Northern
     Africans.  America may be one of the most pluralistic societies today, but there were others before us.
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5. Sanctuary,  Randall Sutin, 2006 
Here is a piece about time relationships.  3 against 4 against 5.  It also features a hip-hop style drum loop
     buried under it and Randy's first ever vocal recording, albeit not your average "song".
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6. A Walk, Randall Sutin, 2006 
This composition exists because Marianne knows me so well, she knew that the perfect gift for me would be
    a balafon.
  It is my impression of a walking meditation.  It is true, that nobody walks in 3/4, but it has that feel
    and is intended to break pace up a bit and clear the air.
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7. Lady Dhyana,  Randall Sutin, 2001        
The oldest original composition on the recording.  Randy wrote this as an experiment to see if he could capture the feeling
     of Eric Satie's "Gymnopedie" in a jazz composition.  Probably the only piece that is really a "normal" jazz composition
     in the suite.
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8. Darkness, Randall Sutin, 2006
Darkness settles in as the day comes to a close.  There is some fear, some weariness, and some daydreaming.  The 
     marimba has the melody here in an exploration of the close of each day as we mull over that which we did.
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9. Cicada Song,  Marianne Sutin, 2006
Played on a cedar flute, and inspired by Native American music, this composition is a call into the night, invoking a 
     mood of both loss and surrender. 
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10. Amazing Grace,  John Newton, 1748, Public Domain, 
     Arr.  Marianne and Randall Sutin
This arrangement of a traditional Christian hymn.  It opens and closes with the sound of "Om", the first and universal sound
      of creation.   Marianne has arranged the melody as a duet for silver flute and cedar flute.
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